Nov 282011
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Article by Isiah Giblert

What do you think when you hear somebody mentioning Scuba Diving. I bet it should be those big, giant air tank and flippers that are larger than a couple of feet. The air tanks mostly have compressed air to assist the diver in breathing and the flippers are called swim fins. Scuba stands for an acronym – self contained underwater breathing apparatus. With the entire load carried Scuba diving has to be fun. Scuba Diving in Bali is one among the top rated dive sites in the world.

Bali is an island that is located in one of the bunch of islands that is found in Indonesia. Bali lies to the east of Java, an Indonesian island and just above the equator. Its geography gives Bali its beauty. Bali has varied flora and fauna. There is an endangered species of bird found only on the island of Bali, the Bali Starling.

Bali provides you with dive centres assisting you in scuba diving. Diving in Bali would be a fascinating experience as there are a lot of places to take the dive. The best places are to the east or North West. Bali is surrounded by coral reefs. A good sign for diving is the presence of coral reefs. Scuba diving in Bali is for both beginners as well as adventurers. There are a lot of schools in Bali that provide you with instructors who would assist you in diving. You have many dive sites with both shallow depth of water that is used by the beginners to deep water having lots and lots of fishes, aqua plants and marine life used by adventure enthusiasts.

Another good thing about scuba diving in Bali is that there is crystal clear water enhancing the visibility. This comes from the fact that the great Pacific current flows through Bali. This huge current not only clears the water but also brings with it some nice marine life. You could find fishes like the sunfish and some huge sharks as well.

A diving experience in Bali is no less than a visit to paradise. The colourful marine life that is seen there is like no other. The shoal of fish that you see, the aquatic plants that you come across and the different marine life that is in your path all give a scuba diving in Bali a very unique and never to be forgotten experience.

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