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Liveboard Scuba Diving in ThailandIf you are visiting Thailand for the holidays then you don’t want to miss the best diving spots they have to offer. Scuba diving Thailand, Scuba Dive Asia – Thailand, is something you should do when you want to have an unforgettable diving vacation. Not only when you will experience the different cultures of Thailand and as well explore some of the most fascinating and exciting dive spots on the whole wide world all in the comforts of your vessel.For those of you who are not familiar about liveaboard diving (please check Scuba Dive Asia), it simply means that the dive boat you are cruising in will become your hotel and entertainment spot for the duration of your stay, as well as your transportation in navigating in different dive sites. Liveaboard diving, Scuba Dive Asia – Thailand Liveaboards, is a cross breed of scuba diving and cruising, it is an excellent way of enjoying two both different worlds all at the same time. It provides the best adventure experience one could ever want.Being pampered by liveboard diving in Thailand, Scuba Dive Asia – Thailand, in a yacht will be glorious experience offering you the best seats in the house to experience the country first hand. The mid-size state of the-art yacht can carry up to 12 to 24 passengers so meeting new people from different parts of the world is astonishing.Dive Yachts going to the Similan Islands, Scuba Dive Asia – Thailand Liveaboards, are available in a variety of accommodations you can choose from. They offer both budget, medium and as well as deluxe accommodations depending on your budget.The best place to go liveaboard diving, Scuba Dive Asia – Thailand Liveaboards, would be in Phuket Island, close to the Similans. Phuket Island is a small island complete with an international airport and has evolved making it an international hot spot for divers. The island is full of night clubs and tons of great scuba diving locations. The yachts on liveboard diving in Phuket are complete offering great services. These include a wide stern dive platform and several exit ladders and as well as showers. There is also a camera rinse tank for itchy-triggered photographers, it is spacious enough to assemble your equipment and perfect to take vibrant shots underwater.Following an unforgettable dive, Scuba Dive Asia, you can also take part in the boats offerings like delectable meals serve in both local and international flavors. There are communal rooms with libraries and an entertainment room to watch movies and sing your heart out with the Karaoke. And for those of you who want peace of mind and quiet then unwind yourself on deck and relate your awesome day with your fellow compatriots.

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