Nov 072011

Tauchen im Komodo Gebiet mit
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We have visited the boat builders from Tana Beru in South Sulawesi in Indonesia during the last year several times and watched their progress in constructing one of Indonesia’s biggest live aboards. The Amira will be ready to take guests from May 2010 onwards. Look out for more news on my website
Video Bewertung: 5 / 5


  4 Antworten zu “Tauchen Komodo Indonesien”

  1. @khalid6591
    You will have to pay around 1.5 Million Euro for such a ship. Still not much compared to European prices.

  2. nice ship how much did cost you to build this ship ?

  3. I salute the workers…they are just happy people…

  4. i love these boats, they look absolutley awsom if i ever won lotto or came into lots of money one of these would be the first thing on my shopping list

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