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Caribbean is known to be a hot spot that offers enchanting diving experiences as this treasure trove with dive sites of many types proffers diving stints to divers possessing varied skill levels. Caribbean diving is further made lively by the wreck diving sites, mysteriously sunken ships, colorful coral and unending varieties related to marine life that provide enriching diving sessions to be enjoyed in the Caribbean. Here are some of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean, where divers get floored by the intrinsic beauty of the best dive sites found in the Caribbean.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean is encompassed by a very large coral reef system, as Turks and Caicos Islands provides enriching diving stints through the rich assortment of the best diving sites, where the visibility extends up to 200 feet during dive sessions. A varied diving experience includes the underwater wrecks like HMS Endymion to the sea lanes which provide the divers and boaters the opportunity to sight whales, from the period extending from January till March. The seemingly unending reefs unveils colorful marine life of all kinds, as the stretch of ‘drop-off’ diving found off the shores of Grand Turk excites the experienced diver, and the sea walls plunge as deep as 2100m to merge with the blue oblivion. Descending down, the black coral colonies, purple sponges, anemones, striking gorgonians, coral forms, and fishes of innumerable kinds proffer the best diving experience that one can enjoy.


Another jewel in the Caribbean is the diving destination of Bonaire, as it boasts of accessible reefs that encircle the islands and the reefs at Bonaire get preserved even unto the 200 feet mark by the environmentally conscious diving fraternity here. Divers during their diving stints can chance upon the elkhorn as well as the staghorn corals, and the sight of the colorful tropical fishes is inextricably interwoven with the best diving experience at Bonaire. The delicate ecosystem at Bonaire falls under the protected status, and divers will have to get indulged in the preliminary orientation session before venturing to dive, where the rules and regulations pertaining to the marine park are brought to light.

Cayman Islands

Having earned acclaims as a top notch diving destination in the Caribbean, Cayman Islands provide the divers with various options. The Stingray City, where the Stingrays can be fed, the Bloody Bay Marine Park with 22 dive sites under its belt, and two reef walls in the form of Bloody Bay spotted in the west and the Jackson spotted in the east, Shark Alley, a dive site known for the sightings of shark, and many other best dive sites proffer incomparable diving experiences in the Caribbean. The reef here gets initiated at a depth of 6 feet to plunge deeper to touch the 1600 feet mark. Professional diving services are offered by many dive operators found at Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, as divers can make use of the services like rentals, equipment sales, instructions proffered for all levels, underwater photography, video schools offered by the dive operators.


Saba is hailed as one of the premier diving destinations in the Caribbean, as the entire coastline of Saba falls under a Marine park. With 38 of the official diving sites, Saba also unveils the rich marine life during dive sessions. Divers would like to take sight of the Pinnacles, which are the peaks pertaining to the underwater mountains that are known to get initiated at a depth of 85 feet to further take a plunge and reach deeper portions. Diving experiences in Saba also encompasses the sightings of black sand, underwater lava flows, huge black coral strands and innumerable fish varieties, as is common during Caribbean diving.


In being recognized as one of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean, St.Croix opens its door to proffer some of the best reef dives, beach dives, wreck dives, wall dives and night dives in the Caribbean. The cream of the diving experience is provided by the underwater trails belonging to the national park, which get spotted at the Buck Island, which is found off St.Croix’s mainland. The other popular dive sites at St.Croix are the drop-offs and that of the coral canyons found at Cane Bay as well as at Salt River. Puerto Rico Trench, which is 12,000 ft deep and which is located at Davis Bay in the Caribbean happens to be ranked fifth with regards to depth levels amongst the water bodies on earth.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, a part of the Caribbean, possesses some of the best diving sites in the Caribbean, with the towering coral pinnacles, reefs, lava tunnels, underwater caves, canyons, grottoes and massive boulders making up for the features related to these best dive sites. The Wreck of The Rhone found at the Salt Island, which is the favorite among the best diving sites in the British Virgin Islands, the dive sites in the form of Truck Reef, Black Tip Reef found at Carrot Shoal in Peter Island and many of the other dive sites afford the much needed choice and the chance for the novice as well as the experienced scuba diver to taste best diving experiences in the Caribbean.

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