Nov 142011

Scuba diving is one of the many benefits of taking a vacation to a tropical place and can be a fun and exciting activity. Scuba diving has many other purposes besides being recreational such as research analysis and paralysis therapy. SCUBA stands for self-contained water breathing apparatus and is a form of underwater diving. Scuba gear was first designed by Emile Gagnan and Jacques-Yves Cousteau and was further developed by Ted Eldred of Australia.

Modern day scuba diving has developed into a specialty that has numerous purposes. Recreational diving occurs in tropical areas to explore coral reefs near the shore. There are also professional aspects to scuba diving with numerous employment features.  It can also be used for a search and rescue mission to recover missing bodies underwater.

All of these activities would not be possible without specially designed gear that allows being underwater for long periods of time.

This system is connected to a single pressurized gas cylinder which is the first stage of the diving system. It reduced the cylinder pressure of 3000 psi to 145 psi and allows the second stage to deliver the correct amount to oxygen to the diver’s lungs. The most commonly used gas for diving is Enriched Air Nitrox which has up to 36% oxygen and a lesser percentage of nitrogen thus reducing the likelihood of decompression sickness.

Diving masks also play an important role in seeing underwater. It is specially designed by creating an air space to lower the refraction index of the water thus allowing the diver to see. Without it, the water would appear blurry and would obviously cause numerous complications. Diving wet suits are also an important part of diving gear and aid in creating buoyancy for the diver. Buoyancy is a fundamental part in diving since it controls the rate of ascent and descent. It also allows for the proper amount of gas to be consumed and will prevent nitrogen sickness.

Scuba diving is a fun recreational activity but has many intricate details that need not be taken for granted. Many places offer scuba lessons and the opportunity to get board certified in diving. There are many cautions that need to be taken with this sport and should be done with a professional.  It will take some to get up to speed with scuba diving, but it is a truly a great way to explore underwater and see the unknown.

Daniel Blinman is writing on behalf of Scubaskool, who offer the opportunity to learn to dive and offer padi courses


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