Dez 272011

August 21 – August 27 2011 Galapagos Island, Galapagos, OTHER, Ecuador

Passport Required

Boat Travel Time 2 Hrs.
Paddle or Activity Duration 2-4 Hrs Daily
Season All Year
Altitude Sea Level to 600M
Weather Temp. Dec to May 80 to 90 degree F / 25 to 30 degree C. June to September 60 to 70 degree F / 15 to 20 degree C. Oct to Dec 70 to 80 degree F / 15 to 205 degree C
Water Temp: The water of the Galapagos are a unique mixture of warm and cold water,ranging between 65 to 85 degree F.
Suggest items. Water Sandals, Hicking Shoes, Light Rain Shell, Water Bottle, Non-Cotton Trekking Gear, Sun Block, Hat, and Mosquito Repellent. Diving Travel Deals and Events


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