Dez 182011 Diving with Alberto’s in Playa del Carmen, Mexiko Dive place: Jardines

HD Cenote Angelita diving, Tulum, MEXICO

Diving Angelita Cenote in Tulum, Mexico with Nicolas (dive master) and Jean. Filmed in HD 1080i, January 2010. Video camera: Sony HDR-SR11/12 Housing: Ikelite Lights: Ikelite video pro lite 3
Video Bewertung: 5 / 5


  3 Antworten zu “SCUBA diving in Playa del Carmen I”

  1. I’ve just gotta say, leave your pretty footage alone! It looks like good stuff but every two seconds the image is moving to one side and another one is popping up or something and it makes it really distracting. Looks like a cool place though.

  2. Very nicevideo! I like that you included the diagrams of the cenote and part of the dive briefing, too. Great job.

  3. no shit!!!always wanna do Angelita…..

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