Jan 192012

Taucher@Net – Aus dem Dunkel zurück in´s Licht – back from Darkness to light – cave diving in cenote dos ojos in Quintana Roo, Mexico – gefilmt von PikAsso
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twitter.com for latest video updates. It was gonna be Las Vegas or Cabo San Lucas for the bachelor party. I immediately rejected Las Vegas, as it was getting so played out, and an executive decision was to fly all of us to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico instead. Hence the title of this video! We went scuba diving in the warm 80 degree waters of Bahia San Lucas. Using the Canon Powershot G12 with the Canon WP-DC34 underwater housing, we decided to explore Cabo San Lucas in HD 720p @ 24p under water baby! If you’ve never gave scuba diving a thought, this video will convince you to get Padi Open water certified. Dive Sites: Land’s End, North Wall, and Pelican Rock. Visibility 50′-60′. Max Depth: 72′. Species shown in this video: Longnose Butterflyfish, King Angelfish, Cortez Angelfish, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, Moorish Idol, Mexican Goatfish, Blue and Gold Snapper, Panamic Sergeant Major, Guineafowl Puffer,Spotted Sharpnose Puffer, Scissortail Damselfish, Porcupinefish, Mexican Hogfish, and the Yellowtail You’ve been given a rare pleasure to have access to this video. You weren’t meant to see any part of this bachelor party/diving trip/bar drunken adventure, but here it is!
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  1. @laugh190 Thank you! I love responses like these!

  2. Beautiful. I love both the camera’s video quality, and the views it captured.

  3. This is really WOOW camera. I recommended my friend to buy from amazon. There is cool deal! Check this link only $477.00


  4. @sayangbati123 The G12 is all around, the better camera. Just make sure you take test pictures in the shop and check for dead pixels on the screen. They can get dust on the sensors which will show up on test pictures. I would get a filter adaptor for the G12 and put a UV filter on it, to stop dust getting into the camera.

  5. @sayangbati123 On paper, the Nikon p7000 might be a little cheaper. I like the G12’s LCD screen and how it can swivel out for video. The G12 has 720p @ 24p, and the Nikon p7000 runs at @ 30p. I’m not a huge fan of 30p. Just my opinion.

  6. I’m going to be getting a camera soon.. But i still dont know which is better .. G12? or Nikon p7000 ..

  7. @naptownfireman Sunshine SCUBA diving in Cabo San Lucas

  8. @drticzon  I have this camera. It rocks my socks!

  9. Who did you dive with. The name of company???

  10. @ishukran No, you need to buy an underwater camera housing. Google canon WP-DC34. That’s the underwater housing that I used.

  11. @Didderdrengen I used the underwater option. I didn’t really want to mess with manual white balance. Photos are even better under sunlight conditions and shallow depths. I think the cameras underwater option is just fine.

  12. Nice video!! Did you just use the underwater option on the camera and what about the white balance? And how about foto’s under water? Is the cameras underwater option okay? I just got my own G12 today, so i have not use it yet. But thanks for the upload. I am dreaming about Mexico now 🙂

  13. is the camera waterproff?

  14. @sooupdragon thank you for the kind words!

  15. I’m blown away by the video quality, it’s amazing for a compact camera!

  16. @drticzon you’re welcome! Thanks for watching! Spread the word and embed this video to other websites!

  17. I’m impressed. I have to have this camera. Thanks for the video.

  18. @mryantao yeah, exactly. I was making this video and I’m like ‚OMG‘, I’m underwater!

  19. @steo2008 I’m not sure. youtube.com/user/lunaticmethod

    It’s his song.

  20. @gheatza Your welcome! Please embedd the video to other websites that you know!

  21. cool video, cool music, thank you for sharing it 🙂

  22. hi whats the name of the song in the video.

  23. LOL imagine u drop the camera into a deep sea.
    Your we be like „OMG!“

  24. @141bpm Yes. It’s a lot better under sunlight of course.

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