Jan 242012

During a recent trip to the states on business, managed to get a days diving in with Waterhorse Charters from San Diego. We did a days diving at the Coronado Islands just off the coast of Mexico – the sea life was excellent. The Harbour Seals were playful. Great diving experience…..
Video Bewertung: 5 / 5

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  1. Nice video!
    I friendly diving video from Norway:

    Diving in Bishop Harbor

  2. Manual mode – WB can be set while pointing the camera at a white background (slate) or – a tip from a talk at camerasunderwater – simply point at a bare hand. As you change depth you have to change the WB but it does remove the excess blue or green.

  3. @divingdebs – In manual mode or in aperture mode? sorry if i sound like an ignorant, but i’m juz an point and shoot kinda guy 🙂

  4. That’s awesome!

  5. Actually a red filter isn’t a good idea – use manual white balance, yes a pain as you’ve got to set it as you change depth but it gives far better results in the end.

  6. @benkilligrew Its a Great Camera – I took a while in choosing it, and it hasn’t disappointed. Good photo’s and good video underwater. Need the red filter though…
    The Ikelite housing fits a strobe I have so thats the only reason – I was also told that its easier to get wide angled lenses etc, and its more robust. I haven’t seen the Canon housing so cant comment on that one!

  7. Hey, was wondering what you thought of the Canon S95 as an underwater video? Also, why Ikelite over Canon housing? Nice production too btw…

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