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Some video of my SCUBA Diving in Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia. April/ May 2008.

Urlaub Indonesien 2008 – Unterwasserwelt
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  25 Antworten zu “Diving Gili Trawangan, Indonesia”

  1. I was on Gili Trawangan, 2005, loved it

  2. gili’s..damn nice place to be! i liked he ’shark point‘..impressiv stream down there

  3. Ey people!!
    I go indonesia over 4 weeks…
    29 jan 2010 i will take the airplane from amsterdam to surabaya, and 2 months later i go back home {29 march}
    The plan is to travel a lot, like bali – jakarta – bromo – gili islands and who knows where me and my gf will go…
    My gf is indonesian…
    If anybody have good idea for me then pls let me know…
    BTW happy new year to all of you…
    make it a great 2010…
    {sorry my bad english - im not american}
    take care!

  4. ini di daerah ancol deket hai lai ya…aku pernah ke sana….sama paklek, bu lek, teteh, mbah, aki…..pokok na semua dari kampung randu belatung di ajak! hore!

  5. I really want to do some diving in the Komodos via a Libeaboard. Sadly I am low on money these days and probably returning to the US of A soon. It makes a Josh very sad.

  6. cool, when it’s filmed like this it feels more „real“ if you know how i mean, not that tv camera feeling

  7. Was last year in Gili Trawangan and Gili Menno, did some snorkling there,had a great time in Lombok!!!

  8. I’m indonesian!

  9. hi thanks for posting, enjoyed it very much.

  10. recommend you to dive in Raja Ampat  or komodo in liveaboard preferable .

  11. More light would have been good, but alas, my equipment is very basic and my attempts at moving the sun closer to the earth have all failed.

  12. Nice video, again a little more light would have been great for the close up shots of the various creatures. Heading to Indonesia next year so love seeing what is out there.

  13. ey, i was also in lombok on early may! had a one day snorkel trip to the gilis on my second/third day there and had a blast..


  14. nice video Josh.. I wish you used more lights so your video can much more attractive. Cheers!

  15. josh you rule. kepp doing the cool stuff.

  16. Awsome vids just awsome Josh u rule
    Going to japan was allways my dream sadly im not there yet got any words fro confidence

  17. I save up money, take vacation time off work, plan ahead, travel.

    Travel is quite cheap depending on where you go. Budget, save, plan ahead. Good times.

  18. Born: Omaha, Nebraska
    Age: 25
    Job/Japan/ect: I applied for a job in Japan, did an interview, got a job. Took a plane. Got off in Japan.

  19. How are you able to go to all of these different places and do all these different things?

  20. Can i ask where you was born, how old you are and how you’ve managed to move there and get a job etc im quite interested.

  21. I save money and budget.

  22. You seen to do a fair amount of scuba diving yet as far as I know you work as an assistant teacher, how can you afford it?

  23. In some areas there was horrible coral damage. Overall the diving was good, and there has been an effort to help re-grow coral.

  24. that looked really cool

  25. Wow that must be fun !

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