Jan 302012

Taucher@Net – Kurzvideo aus dem Oktober 2006 über die Insel Kuramathi im Rasdhoo-Atoll und deren Unterwasserwelt – gefilmt von Randolph

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  6 Antworten zu “Kuramathi, Rasdhoo-Atoll”

  1. I’ve been there in 2002. Most beautiful place in the world, for sure.

  2. I hate where I live now. I want to live there forever.
    With my best regards – Tariq from Saudi Arabia

  3. one of the beautifullest places on earth, i have been there between december 2004 and jan 05 but its was still awsome!!

  4. grazie per avermelo fatto rivedere!!!! che bello!!! è impossibile dimenticare un posto così!!!!

  5. I was there in 2003 on honeymoon! great vid! 🙂

  6. i went there 3 years ago so thanks for the memories!!

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