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March 18 – March 27 2011 Papua New Guines Charter Schedule, Miami, FL, Papua New Guinea

every dive in papua new guinea is an exciting new experience, highlighted by encounters with dog tooth tuna, sharks, vast schools of pelagics such as barracuda, trevally and others. the waters of png are also home to prolific and diverse marine creatures and corals with over 350 recorded species of reef building corals and over 900 recorded species of fish.

beginning in february of 2011, with her home port at the driftwood resort, star dancer offers explorations of the wonders of the milne bay area throughout the year.

when you arrive, consider yourself an explorer discovering the new world. there are plane shipwrecks, pristine coral reefs of interesting shapes and sizes, underwater volcanic vents, caves and various species of fish including manta rays and whales. milne bay and its offshore islands have some of the best dive spots in the world.

as you forage your way through reefs teaming with life, you will discover that there are more varieties of fish here than you could believe. the diving conditions will range from quiet mill pond dives to drift dives along spectacular walls, but the majority of diving is on sea mounts (or “bommies”) so there is something for everyone.
the reefs are a photographer’s paradise. pristine and colorful corals are home to a variety of fish, crustacean and invertebrate life. many of the reefs have resident schools of barracuda, tuna and jacks. you’ll see blue ribbon eels, seahorses, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipe fish, leaf scorpion fish and mantis shrimp. pelagics will also be part of the scenery. some of the reefs are current washed without current the spectacular marine life would not be there, however, the wide range of dive sites means that it is not necessary to dive at a site if currents are unmanageable at the time.

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