Feb 152012

Girl Free Diving off Venice Beach, Florida

Marie free dives the Gulf of Mexico in search of shark teeth off Venice, Florida.
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  1. are you retarded?

  2. awesome, we’ve been to venice beach and have picked up lot’s of sharks teeth!!!
    Great video!

  3. I looked for shark teeth for like 2 hours by the shore and didn’t find one.

  4. fins? what fins? hehehehe

  5. aaa, want her fins! millenium ice?

  6. I would love it if a fish came along and unstringed her bottom

  7. daim thats a nice body

  8. Very nice form, relaxed. Spit snorkel out while underwater.

  9. She is holding her breath.

  10. how is she breathing

  11. Here she is at 28ft. I have seen her go over 60 or more.

  12. Impressive. What is the depth there? Also, how often do you find megalodon teeth larger than a couple inches, every dive, rarely, etc.? THanks

  13. How do you do free diving?

  14. She only uses the snorkel on the surface while preparing to dive.

  15. What do you do with a snorkel when you do free diving?

  16. It’s really unsafe!
    In case of syncope the jowls of the free-diver automatically lock up, in order to avoid entry of water in the lungs.
    When you are under water, you can remove the snorkel and leave it fastened to the mask lace; in this way, you conjure the risk of wet-syncope.
    Syncope in never a good thing, but a dry syncope is better than a wet one!!!

  17. whats the point of a snorkel if your under the water?

  18. … but freediving with snorkel in the mouth is not so good!

  19. she’s good

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