Feb 182012

Scuba Diving Event March 16 – March 17: Eveleigh, NSW, USA

a major international event that, (since its inception in 1999) has done more to highlight the adventure and excitement inherent in diving than any other, oztek – the australian diving technologies conference and exhibition – continues to play a key role in creating broad awareness of those techniques and technologies that are helping to push back the boundaries of underwater knowledge. produced by divers for divers, the oztek conference and dive exhibition offers unique insights into the entire world of underwater adventure by encouraging a better understanding of all that diving has to offer. representing the broad spread of diving interests the speaker and exhibitor list for oztek11 will again include many of the most prominent world leaders in their particular fields of expertise people whose wealth of knowledge is second to none and who have been instrumental in helping to shape the future growth and development of diving. focussed on the full spectrum of underwater activities, (from recreational, technical, commercial, military and scientific diving through to free-diving and marine conservation issues) the two-day oztek conference &amp dive exhibition will merge all facets of diving into one event aimed at promoting the exhilaration and adventure of diving to a passionate and enthusiastic audience.

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