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Scuba Diving Event March 15 – March 20: Avalon, Catalina Island, CA, USA

if you work in emergency medical services teach, lead, or work in recreational or commercial diving are interested in volunteering with the catalina chamber crew or are just an interested diver, the edam course at the catalina hyperbaric chamber will provide you with information that all divers need to know. learn about diving accidents that have occurred and what type of events, equipment, or errors lead to the problem. get an in-depth look at how decompression tables and dive computers are put together and what doppler bubble detection has to do with current decompression research. understand the problems and research associated with flying after diving. grasp the physiology and pathology of decompression sickness and air embolism injuries. discover about the effects of nitrogen narcosis and oxygen toxicity and how they play a major role in technical diving operations. learn how to do a neurological assessment of a diving casualty and understand the importance of oxygen administration, information gathering and efficient communication and coordination with local rescue agencies. find out what is done with an accident victim upon arrival at a hyperbaric chamber and how hyperbaric treatments benefit divers. the usc (university of southern californi) catalina hyperbaric chamber, located on the campus of the wrigley marine science center at big fisherman´s cove at the west end of catalina island, is an emergency medical facility for the treatment of scuba diving accidents. in the southern california area around catalina island, the combination of effective on-site management of a diving accident along with the rapid response by los angeles county baywatch lifeguards, or the u.s. coast guard, and swift, effective treatment at the chamber can save a diver´s life. a major mission of the usc catalina hyperbaric chamber is to provide educational opportunities for the diving communities. contact the hyperbaric chamber for a list of programs and dates offered. Diving Travel Deals and Events


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