Apr 132012

Scuba Diving Event March 16 – March 19: Cape Town, South Africa

1) critical reviews on the evidence base for the practice of hyperbaric medicine in key areas: e.g., radionecrosis, diabetes &amp crush injuries. (2) identification of shortcomings of current evidence on hyperbaric therapy with interactive discussion on research design and suggestions for the study of those key areas where evidence is lacking. (3) on the absolute and relative contra-indications of hbo (e.g., the changes in approach to bleomycin and disulfiram, etc.) (4) overview of essential occupational medical principles and practice as they relate to: a.diving medical examinations and b.hyperbaric staff and patient issues in hyperbaric centers (5) on saturation diving (to offer those with no experience the opportunity to get info from those practicing actively in this area) including a review of current occupational medical evidence (e.g., the elthi study and the outcome of the long term effects of diving workshop). (6) medical director’s safety responsibilities regarding staff, patients and medical equipment in hyperbaric chambers. (7) practical issues surrounding wound care in hyperbaric medical practice – e.g., managing ischemia and hypoxia through a multidisciplinary approach. (8) fitness to dive controversies and new directions. (9) acrylics – the facts and the fallacies about viewports and windows in hyperbaric chambers. (10) risk assessment for hyperbaric facilities – bridging the international statutory and operational guidelines for the everyday practice of hyperbaric medicine.

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